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      • Dalian Huaao Zhonggong quipment manufacture Co.,Ltd
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      • Casting equipment(steel wire type, inside conducting type and outside conducting type hydraulic pressure half continual casting machine, board spindle face milling machine, ingot casting and saw cutting machine and round stick multi- roots automatic saw cuting pile unit) , the aluminium strap finishing equipment (slitting unit, sampling machine, transverse cutting unit, stretch forming strightening unit, slab strightening unit, thick plate saw cutting machine) , the aluminum foil finishing equipment (aluminum foil cutting machine, aluminum foil alligator shears, gathers coil machine), the production supporting facility (various kinds of hoisting mechanisms, vacuum cup, air operated rises shrinks axis)
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      • 5 JiaChuang Building 512 HuangPu Road Shahekou district, Dalian
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      • 116021
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      • Chi Ren Ting
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      • 13804288437
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      • 0411-84666472,84669926,84669023(总机), 13804288437
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      • 0411-84821769
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